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Macrame Bracelet Tutorial PDF & Video

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This tutorial will teach you to create a stunning micro-macrame bracelet that is the design of fiber art jewelry designer Coco Paniora Salinas. Coco begins the tutorial at the point of the bezel and carefully guides you step by step to the very end, where he shows you how to create an adjustable bracelet with elegant finishing touches. In this comprehensive tutorial, you'll learn many macrame knotting techniques plus Coco's professional tricks to adding an accent color, incorporating stone beads, reducing the number of cords in the design, and burning your ends effectively.

Plus, by popular demand, you have the opportunity to choose how you learn. Whether you prefer to learn by video instruction, images and text, or a combination of both methods, you can choose the format of the tutorial that suits you best. 


  • Waxed Nylon Cord 1mm (Linhasita or Settanyl)
  • Wrapped Oval Cabochon (3-4cm) Using 90cm Lengths of Cord
  • (10) 6mm Stone Beads with 1mm Hole
  • Clipboard or Pins to Secure Your Work
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Measuring Tape


This macrame bracelet tutorial contains valuable information for knotters of all skill levels, but it is not suitable for complete beginners. As you can see from the course materials, the tutorial begins with the cabochon already wrapped. Thus, you must be able to wrap your stone. If you need to learn how to create the macrame bezel, please purchase our stone wrapping course in conjunction with this macrame bracelet tutorial.


This tutorial will teach you many of the micro-macrame jewelry techniques that Coco mastered after many years of trial and error. Coco will show you how to introduce a new color into your design; how to seamlessly incorporate stone beads; and how to elegantly reduce the number of cords so that you can taper the width of the bracelet. Plus he'll show you how to secure the cords before burning so that your burned ends will never come loose. The knots you'll learn include the Double Half Hitch in 3 different forms: Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal, plus other knotting techniques you can apply to all of your micro-macrame projects.


"First off let me say how excited I am that you are offering this amazing opportunity to learn from Coco. I have wanted this to happen for a very long time."

"I loved the course! I am amazed and very happy and full of gratitude for your sharing your knowledge, and doing it in such a wonderful way!!! I can't wait for more! Really, great job you guys!"​

"I just watched the videos and downloaded the PDF files and all I can say is WOW! Well done and easy to understand. Thank you both for the great work on this program and please don't stop with this series. I want to learn more techniques for the wonderfully beautiful designs Coco makes." 

"Thank you so much, Coco, for making this amazing tutorial. You teach in such a beautiful and inspiring manner, and your instructions are so easy to follow. I finally feel like I have a macrame teacher I can count on to show me the way."

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Macrame Bracelet Tutorial PDF & Video

0 ratings
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